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Here at Podium, we strive to give you a fun, safe sports predicting experience. Don't worry if your knowledge in sports is not sky high. That's what this tutorial is for! After completing it once, you can select to never see it again, or have it appear each time you access Podium. For any further questions, please see our HOW TO PLAY tab.

New Orleans Saints (1.9)


Minnesota Vikings (5.3)

The basis of daily spreads is a process, much easier than it seems. Each team will have a number beside their name. This number indicates what the multiplier is. A correct guess will reward that number, multiplied by the amount of Podium Points you put down. The favourite is indicated by a smaller multiplier.

This example shows that the New Orleans Saints are the favourites. If you were to spend 100 Podium Points on this guess, a win would result in 190 PP (100 x 1.9 = 190).

Selecting the HOME button indicates that you believe the Minnesota Vikings are going to win. Since their multiplier is bigger than the Saints (5.3), they are the underdog. It is a riskier guess, but will result in more winnings for you (100 x 5.3 = 530).